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While we do partner with Real Estate agents on some of the projects we complete, we're not real estate agents. Homes are purchased directly and are not put on the MLS unless.

A mortgage wrap transaction is simply the seller financing of a property that does not pay off the current mortgage lien on the property. The property is conveyed and the existing mortgage lien stays in place with a second, junior lien held by the seller… More

We aim to provide fair pricing for properties we acquire, although many of the houses we buy are typically below market value. This allows us to make necessary renovations and resell them profitably. We offer fair solutions reflective of the property condition, fair market value, and each seller's situation. Our approach focuses on providing benefits such as a quick cash transaction, without the need for extensive repairs or agent fees. We understand that sellers appreciate the convenience and speed of our process. If you're seeking a fast sale and value these benefits, let's explore if we can reach a mutually beneficial price. It's important to note that our pricing commitment is non-binding, giving you the flexibility to consider our offer without obligation.

That's a great question, and transparency is key to our approach. Our pricing method is simple and transparent. We assess the property's location, required repairs, its current condition, and compare it with recent sales of similar properties in the area. Given the fluctuation in house values over the past five years, we meticulously analyze various factors to determine a fair price that satisfies both parties involved.

Our approach sets us apart from traditional selling methods: There are absolutely no fees or commissions involved when you sell your house to us. If our solution meets with your needs we will purchase your property completely AS IS and take care of closing costs. It's straightforward and hassle-free—no hidden fees. Our profit comes from covering repair costs (if any) and selling the property for a profit to another investor or homeowner. We shoulder the risks involved in selling the property after purchase, leaving you free from its burdens with cash in hand.

When you submit your information, there's absolutely no obligation on your part. After you provide some details about your property, we'll review them, perhaps arrange a call to gather more information, and then present you with a fair all-cash offer that works for both parties. From that point onward, the decision to sell your house to us rests entirely with you.

Real estate agents typically list properties on the market and wait for potential buyers to make offers. They show properties to interested buyers, which can take 6-12 months on average to sell in many markets. When a sale occurs, agents receive a percentage of the sale price as their commission, typically ranging from 3-6%. While agents provide valuable services for those willing to wait and accept commission fees, our approach differs significantly. Unlike real estate agents, we will not be providing you with a listing agreement. However, we do provide an actual offer for your property with an agreed upon closing. However, we are able to move swiftly and provide and actually offer for your property with an agreed upon closing date and purchase price. Our business model revolves around assuming the risks associated with buying properties with our own capital, undertaking any necessary repairs, and independently marketing them to find buyers—an aspect that can be challenging in the current market conditions.